UPLive solar systems are built under the strictest quality standards. The commercial range consists of three families of products.


  • 75% reduction in energy costs for water heating
  • 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Systems with a life expectancy of approximately 15 years
  • Simple and reliable operation
  • Can be integrated with existing heating systems
    (boilers, water heaters)

Meet the new UPLive Solar Water Heating 




default-image Sirius Thermosyphon Systems

UPLive's range of Sirius solar systems consists of thermosyphons that allow you to obtain clean, free ene..(+)

default-image Sirius Forced Circulation Systems

UPLive forced circulation solar systems are an efficient, static and versatile solution for heating domestic h..(+)

default-image Sirius Collector

The Sirius Collector is built under the strictest quality standards. It is distinguished by its high efficiency comb..(+)



default-image Spica Thermosyphon Systems

UPLive thermosyphon solar systems exploit solar energy to produce domestic hot water in the simplest and m...(+)

default-image Spica Forced Circulation Systems

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